Ontario Reducing Wait Times for MRI and CT Scans

As part of the Your Health plan, the government is taking the next step to make it faster and easier for people to connect to publicly-funded surgeries and procedures by adding 100,000 more MRI and CT scans at community surgical and diagnostic centres across the province each year.

The call for applications opens today, with new licenses to be issued starting in Fall 2024. This expansion of service will help to reduce wait times for MRI and CT scans to 28 days in every region of the province, ensuring every person who needs imaging receives it within the medically recommended period of time.

Additional calls will also be launched in the summer and fall to expand the number of community surgical and diagnostic centres that can connect people to GI endoscopy procedures and orthopedic surgeries.

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En: Reducing Wait Times

Fr: Réduire les temps d’attente