Ontario Investing Nearly $1.3 Billion to Stabilize Colleges and Universities

The Ontario government introduced a suite of measures to stabilize the province’s colleges and universities, including nearly $1.3 billion in new funding, while maintaining the tuition fee freeze to keep costs down for students and parents. The province is also introducing legislation that would, if passed, improve transparency in fees while also connecting more students to rewarding careers to build Ontario’s skilled workforce.

To support students and their families, Ontario is extending the tuition fee freeze for publicly assisted colleges and universities for at least three more years. Institutions will be able to increase tuition by up to five per cent for out-of-province domestic students. At the time the freeze was first introduced and accompanied by a 10 per cent reduction in fees, Ontario had the highest university tuition rates in the country. Since then, students and parents have saved an estimated $1,600 per year on average for university and an estimated $350 per year on average for college, compared to what they would have paid under the previous policy that allowed three per cent increases each year. 

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En: Stabilizing Colleges and Universities

Fr: Stabiliser les collèges et les universités