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Back to School 2022-23

As students head back to class after two difficult years of pandemic-related disruptions, Minister Lecce, PA Barnes and PA Rae are pleased to provide an update on the steps the government has taken to ensure a normal, stable and enjoyable return to school with the full-range of extracurricular activities students want and deserve.

As recently announced, the government introduced the Plan to Catch Up, supported by historic investments in education, including:

  • $176M to expand access to free school-based tutoring;
  • A further $225M going directly into the pockets of families so that students may access learning resources;
  • $304M to support temporary staffing, allowing school boards to hire approximately 3,000 additional temporary staff, from teachers, to custodians to EAs; and
  • $90M – including an additional $10M in new funding – for student mental health resources.

The government remains committed to ensuring a normal, stable, and enjoyable return to school and to provide stability for parents.