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Ontario Launches New Tool to Connect People to Nurses and Other Health Services from Anywhere at Any Time

As part of its plan to stay open, the Ontario government and Ontario Health have launched Health Connect Ontario, a new tool that will allow Ontarians to call or chat online with a registered nurse and find the health care services and information they need all in one, easy to use website.

Health Connect Ontario will replace the former Telehealth Ontario, adding enhanced online tools and allowing individuals to call 811 or visit the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get health advice, help navigating health services and finding information.

This new resource will be a valuable tool in helping a diverse group of Ontarians access health care advice in a more convenient way, including those living in rural and remote communities, as well as those who may be more comfortable chatting online, such as English as a second language ethnic communities.

Health Connect Ontario brings patients to a single source where they can easily:

  • Speak to or chat online with a registered nurse
  • Get help with finding a primary care provider if they don’t have one
  • Get an initial assessment and health advice
  • Use a symptom assessment tool to understand their health concerns and how to access care
  • Get connected to mental health and addictions services
  • Find local health services, such as home and community care or caregiver support
  • Get connected to a specialized health professional if they have concerns about food and healthy eating, breastfeeding or how to quit smoking 
  • Get general guidance through their health care journey

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