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Ontario Giving Long-term Care Residents More Nutritional Choices and Variety

Minister Calandra announced that the Ontario government is investing over $40 million in additional nutritional support funding for long-term care homes so residents can receive more individualized food choices, more fresh produce and local foods in season, and additional menu flexibility.

In addition to providing a 15 per cent funding increase for nutritional support to homes, the government is adopting new regulations under the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021  that will further increase quality of life and care for residents.

Once they come into effect on April 11, 2022, long-term care homes will be required to deliver:

  • Menu planning flexibility that better reflects the needs of the residents such as speciality diets and menu substitutions that have consistent nutritional value;
  • Menus that are approved by a registered dietitian in addition to residents’ preferences;
  • Menus that provide a variety of foods every day, including fresh produce and local foods in season;
  • More flexibility for each home to increase menu choices for residents and reduce food waste; and
  • Meals and snacks at times that are chosen with support from the home’s Residents’ Council and its administrator.

News Release:

EN: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001982/ontario-giving-long-term-care-residents-more-nutritional-choices-and-variety

FR: https://news.ontario.ca/fr/release/1001982/lontario-offre-aux-residents-des-foyers-de-soins-de-longue-duree-plus-de-choix-et-de-variete-sur-le-plan-nutritionnel