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More Jobs Created in Ontario for Second Consecutive Month

Ontario continues to lead the nation in job creation amidst an unprecedented run of landmark investments in key sectors.

Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, issued this statement following the monthly employment release by Statistics Canada:      

“Employment in Ontario increased by over 35,100 in March bringing the total number of new jobs created since we took office in 2018 to over 500,000. Today’s job numbers prove that Ontario’s economic plan for growth and prosperity is working. By reducing the cost of doing business in the province by $7 billion a year, we have created the conditions possible for continued job growth as we move out of this pandemic. Building on this momentum, we will continue to create the right conditions to grow more jobs in the province and attract game-changing investments to secure Ontario’s long-term economic stability.

Building up Ontario’s auto industry for the future of EV and EV battery production, building a strong and resilient life sciences sector, and attracting billion-dollar investments by manufacturers shows that our province continues to be Open for Business.

Each of these exciting milestones in our auto, life sciences and technology sectors means the creation of new well-paying local jobs and the building up of our economy for future success.”


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