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Ontario Expands Critical Relief For Tourism Sector

Minister Ross Romano and Minister MacLeod are pleased to announce that the government is expanding over $340,000 in critical financial support for owners and operators of amusement devices and ski lifts and protecting jobs in the travel and tourism sectors. Through the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), the government is reducing permit and licence fees by 75 percent for 163 businesses operating almost 1,000 devices across Ontario until the end of 2022, while ensuring strong public safety standards are maintained.

The government is doing everything they can to protect Ontarian’s jobs and ensure people can get back to safely enjoying rollarcoasters, ski hills, and water parks.  This support will provide tangible relief to businesses as they get back on their feet and strengthen our economy as we build Ontario.

News Release:

English: Ontario Expands Critical Relief For Tourism Sector | Ontario Newsroom

French: L’Ontario augmente l’aide essentielle destinée au secteur du tourisme | Salle de presse de l’Ontario